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Daylight Savings

daylight savings clock


Why Daylight Savings Time?

The short answer is to save energy.  The idea is that adjusting the clocks to coincide with the sun allows for use of sunlight and not artificial light.

Daylight savings was first initiated during WWI.  Although various countries and states started implementing daylight savings time(DST) in the early 1900’s there was no standard.  States had split times and DST would start and stop at different times of the year.  In 1966 the US enacted uniform time act, which would standardize the beginning and end of DST.  There has been other minor modifications over the years.


Why Is There No DST In Arizona?

Arizona did participate in DST early on, however it was very problematic.  Phoenix would use Mountain Standard Time(MST) while the western portion of the state would use Pacific Standard Time(PST).  Obviously this caused some problems.  So in the 1960’s Arizona conformed to the standard of using DST for one year until the negative reaction forced DST out and Arizona decided to use MST.  The claim is that Arizona’s climate is such that changing the clock has no appreciable benefit on energy savings.  There is one exception in the state though, and that is the Navajo Nation.  The Navajo Nation does use DST since their reservation covers three states.

Are there any other States without DST?

Well Hawaii does not observe DST.  The basic reason there is that they are a tropical island which means they do not experience major differences in daylight hours throughout the year.  They also have no bordering business states.  Up until recently, 2006 parts of Indiana chose not to participate in DST but have since honored DST.

So for all of those living outside of Arizona, and Hawaii be prepared to change your clocks the first Sunday in November.

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