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Jay Lauer

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Community Events

Bike Ride!
9-30-17 11:00 am
Prescott Fun Activities

Let's meet up for a slow-paced fun bicycle ride at the park in Prescott Valley. Meet at the Mountain Valley Splash (the pool). We will ride on the Prescott Valley Multi-Use Pipeline Path. If you don't have a bike, but want to ride, contact me...

Wiccan Learning Circle
9-30-17 11:00 am
PV Wiccan Learning Circle

Black Canyon overnight
9-30-17 11:00 am
Bikepacking Explorers

Meetup off exit 244 on 17S Black Canyon City there is a parking lot a few hundred feet off the exit. We will meet there and drive up Maggie mine rd. A mile or so until the pavement ends. There is a safe parking area there. We will ride roughly 2...

Benefits of Grass

July 22nd, 2017 by Jay Lauer

The Prescott area is known as a high desert with an elevation of approximately 5280ft or 1 mile.  As with most deserts there is not a whole lot of rainfall.  This is were grasslands come into play.  If you look around the valleys, such as Prescott Valley and Chino Valley you will notice the terrain […]

Daylight Savings

October 28th, 2016 by Jay Lauer

  Why Daylight Savings Time? The short answer is to save energy.  The idea is that adjusting the clocks to coincide with the sun allows for use of sunlight and not artificial light. Daylight savings was first initiated during WWI.  Although various countries and states started implementing daylight savings time(DST) in the early 1900’s there was […]

Fall Checklist

October 17th, 2016 by Jay Lauer

Many of us tend to neglect our homes.  It is important to spend a little time inspecting and repairing your home to prevent more expensive problems from arising.  This post will give suggestions of home items to check and maintain entering the winter season. Exterior Examine the following: Cracked walls Peeling paint Rotten wood Weather […]